Role: Product Design, UI Design
Year: 2021
Deliverables: Mobile Application, Smart Lens UI

Pay and invest with a wink
Following a project brief to design a futuristic digital product for a timeline after 2030+, I decided to create a financial concept where it integrates smart contact lenses into everyday payments.
Mission Statement
To design a P2P mobile application, the Wink Wallet, that allows users to scan their futuristic smart lenses, review investment histories, and make purchases only with the gesture of an eye 'Wink'.
Made research on Gartner's Hype Cycle for Emerging Tech and found a spot for hardware-based futuristic products, and I also took inspiration from the ongoing medical research at Mojo Vision to materialize the first smart contact lenses or MR (Mixed Reality) lenses.
I designed a multi-interactive product where users would need to purchase a smart lens from a 3rd party company and download the Wink Wallet App to start making purchases via physical eye winking.​​​​​​​
Prototype 1: The design of the main Wink Wallet App (stored history of purchases, etc.)
Prototype 2: The design of the contact lenses interfaces with the 'Wink Wallet' service. 
A design future storyline (in the form of a newspaper) that encapsulates the possible Pros, Cons, and debates on the futuristic digital concept.

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