Role: Product Design, UI Design
Year: 2021
Deliverables: Mobile Application, Smart Lens UI
Explore AR (Augmented Reality) through a single-player mobile race game.
Utopia is a digital mixed-reality artifact where leisure-based players can explore AR by playing a game. The game allows players to race on a track placed in their room.
The product was designed on Figma, then developed on Unity.
Players can download the 'Utopia' app on their smartphones. They can start playing the game after scanning the surface of their real-world environment.
The game starts with a storyline onboarding where it shows a 'Utopian' brand where a Tesla can roam and race in a green city.
The mechanics of the game includes the general win and losses, as they play against time and obstacles in the given scene.
As the design prototype is being developed on Unity and evaluated by a number of users, there are limitations in the design and timeline that makes for a series of small visual adjustments.

Nevertheless, the game received positive feedback from a number of players, including the possibility to make the racing game for multi players.

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