Role: Product Design
Year: 2021
Deliverables: Internal dashboard
Hiring pipeline for iwoca
Following a design task during my internship application for the Product Designer role at iwoca, I was tasked to propose a conceptual internal tool for hiring managers at the company.

iwoca provided me with a brief for the take-home design interview, as well as a blog to guide me through the task.

The design process started with secondary research and competitive analysis of the existing hiring platforms famous within the tech companies. Some features included:​​​​​​​
1. Candidate Card
2. Details
3. Pipeline
4. Interview
5. Feedback
The pipeline shows the candidate's progression for the role
Hiring managers can schedule online interviews with candidates through the dashboard
Hiring managers are able to insert feedback on candidates
Overall, I received positive feedback from the hiring managers at iwoca, alongside a few other suggestions to improve on the concept.

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