Role: Product Design (iOS), UX Design, UI Design
Year: 2021
Collaborator: Tumchi, Co-Innovate
A personalized nutrition platform with an innovative approach designed to balance your diet.
In 2021, I was given a university project brief, in collaboration with Brunel's Co-Innovate to design a digital product for Tumchi Ltd, a HealthTech startup company based in London.
I was tasked to design a B2B2C mobile product for iOS. The design started with secondary research and competitive analysis of other similar products in the market. The design went through series of interviews and updates with Tumchi as I deliver the features for the app.
The app's goal is to make nutrition fun and anxiety-free.
A personalized onboarding experience for target users.
Users can key in and blog their day-to-day meals in a diary.
Other than manually inserting their food diary, users can take pictures of their meals and leveraged Artificial Intelligence as an engine to calculate the possible nutrition value of their food.​​​​​​​

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